Michael Easson



Board Director | Ramsay Centre

2018 – Present
Established in 2017, The Ramsay Centre seeks to advance education by promoting studies and discussion associated with the establishment and development of western civilisation, including through establishing scholarship funds and educational courses in partnership with universities.

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder | EG

2000 – Present
EG has two divisions; property advisory and funds management. The advisory division formed in 1999 advises large property owners about land use change.
The investment division formed in 2002 directly invests into non-core real estate, with approximately AU$2.4b in assets under management.

Executive Director | RIDLEY & Co

2012 – Present
Ridley & Co is a specialist architectural project delivery firm that partners with Architectural practices to provide premium quality architectural documentation. With studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Manila. Ridley & Co has the ability and capacity to deliver major projects Australia wide. Co-owner with Joshua Ridley and Adam Geha.

Chair | Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA)

2015 – present

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has been operating since 1962 and is the peak policy, research and advocacy body for Australia’s superannuation industry.

Chair | City Renewal Authority

2017 – present
The City Renewal Authority is charged with shaping the growth of the central parts of Canberra to make it a great place to play, live and work.
In partnership with the community, the City Renewal Authority aims to create a vibrant city heart through the delivery of design-led urban renewal with a focus on social and environmental sustainability.

Former Chair | Icon Water

1996 – 2017
Former Chair of Audit and Risk Management Committee; former Deputy Chair; Acting Chair since July 2013, Chair from 2014 to 2017.

Former Chair | ActewAGL

2000 – 2017
Nominated by ACTEW to serve on partnership board with AGL & Jemena in retail and distribution businesses. Was Chair of Environment and Safety Committee and Member of Audit and Risk Management Committee, then Chair from 2014 to 2017.

President, Non Executive Director & Fellow | Australia Defence Association

2009 – Present
Pro bono work for the Association. President since May 2013

Former Non Executive Director | ANZ Stadium

1996 – 2016
Served on board and audit committee from inception, prior to 2000 Olympics, including listing and subsequent privatisation under management of Infrastructure Capital Group Ltd (previously ANZ Infrastructure Services Limited (ANZIS).

Past Chair | Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration (MACSM), Department of Immigration

2012 – 2014
MACSM advises the Minister for Immigration on skilled migration issues.

Former Advisor | Allens Arthur Robinson

2002 – 2012 Strategic and business development advice

Former Non Executive Director | ING Real Estate Australia

2004 – 2012
Served as an independent Director and Deputy Chair, Audit and Risk Management Committee and as Chair of Environment Committee, on listed companies in commercial, industrial, entertainment, retirement and health property businesses. Served on boards as businesses either sold or divested following ING’s global decision to exit real estate businesses.

Former Non Executive Director, Lead Independent Director | Macquarie Infrastructure Group

1996 – 2007
Tollroad business managed by Macquarie Bank.

Past Non-Executive Director | Sydney Roads Group

2006 – 2007
Sydney Roads Group was divested from Macquarie Infrastructure Group in 2006, then merged with Transurban in 2007

Past Non Executive Director | Kaldor Group of Companies

1997 – 2004
Served on Kaldor family company boards in apparel, chemicals and office works.

Former Chairman | New Wallsend and York Mining

1998 – 2003
Underground coal mining operations were under a 6 year lease to Cypress, then Oakbridge Mining, and later to Xstrata. Management had to restart a closed mine & operate with productive workplace relations. At it’s peak, around 700,000 tonnes of coking coal was mined. Investors made a 27% IRR.

Past Non Executive Director | Intech Asset Consulting

1998 – 2003
Intech was then one of Australia’s largest asset advisory services firms, mainly working for superannuation, including public pension, industry, and corporate funds. It was subsequently sold in 2007.

Former Non Executive Director | Macquarie Goodman

Company now known as the Goodman Group after Macquarie Bank’s exit from the register in 2007.

Former Senior Vice President | UNICEF Australia

1998 – 2002

Former Chairman | Urban Taskforce

2000 – 2002
Inaugural Chair.


1994 – 2001 Strategic and Business Development advice.

Past Non Executive Director | Museum of Contemporary Art

1999 – 2000
Assisted Board determine future directions, including independence.

Former Director | Macquarie Industrial Property Trust of Australia

1994 – 2000
The MIPTA in 2000 merged with Goodman Hardie to form Macquarie Goodman

Former Non-Executive Director | Barclay Mowlem Australia

1998 – 2000
Also member of Audit Committee. Company was the Australian subsidiary of Mowlem (UK), eventually bought by Laing O’Rourke. Barclay Mowlem largely operated in Northern Australia in commercial and civil construction, including mining and rail work.

Past Member of the Council Board | National Competition Council

1996 – 1999
Inaugural member of the NCC Board in setting directions of competition policy in Australia.

Former Adjunct Professor | Australian Graduate School of Business Management

1994 – 1998
Centre for Corporate Change – Advised MBA students.

Former Chairman | Review of Commonwealth Payments to Statutory Authorities and Special Purpose Payment to the States

1995 – 1996
According to then Finance Minister John Fahey in 1997, this review resulted in a one-off saving of $400 million to the Commonwealth Government.

Past Non Executive Director | Sydney Symphony

1994 – 1996
Assisted with the divestment of the Sydney Symphony from the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC).

Former Senior Vice President | ALP, NSW Branch

1993 – 1996

Former Non Executive Director | NRMA Insurance

1994 – 1996
Following divestment from the NRMA, now known the Insurance Australia Group

Past Non Executive Director | NSW State Super

1989 – 1995
Member of State Super and predecessor Public Authorities Superannuation Boards. State Super then was the largest public pension fund in Australia.

Past Assistant Commissioner | Productivity Commission

1992 – 1995
Assistant Commissioner of the Industry Commission (IC) review of Work, Health and Safety in Australia (1994-1995), Earlier, Associate Commissioner of review of Commercial Restrictions on Exploring (Including Franchising). IC now known as the Productivity Commission.

Former Secretary | Labor Council of NSW

1989 – 1994
Now known as Unions NSW. In this ‘Accord’ period, the role encompassed industrial relations reform, including enterprise bargaining, forging new services and fighting for ideas within the labour unions. New businesses in financial services and superannuation formed. Welcomed Nelson Mandela to the steps of the Opera House in 1992. Edited various books including ‘Transforming Industrial Relations’; ‘Australian Industry Policy’; ‘Australia and Immigration – Able to Grow?’, etc.

Past Non Executive Director | Chifley Financial Services

1991 – 1994
Founding Director of then joint venture between the Equitilink Group and the Labor Council of NSW.

Past Non Executive Director | Asset Super

1990 – 1994
Founding Director of Asset Super, co-sponsored by then Labor Council of NSW, NSW Employers’ Federation and NSW Chamber of Manufactures. Asset Super merged with Care Super in 2012.

Former Vice President | Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)

One of six Vice Presidents.

Past Managing Director | Radio Station 2KY

1989 – 1994
Served on the board from 1994. With appointment of Barrie Unsworth as Station Manager in 1990, co-developed strategy for narrowcast radio licenses in rural NSW which ultimately, years later, made the Station more valuable and an essential purchase for the NSW TAB.

Former Non Executive Director | State Rail Authority NSW

1989 – 1993
State Rail Authority of NSW, a former statutory authority of the NSW Government, was responsible for the operation and maintenance of railways in NSW.

Past Assistant Secretary | Labor Council of NSW

1984 – 1989
Worked in industrial relations in rail, steel, manufacturing and other industries. A highlight was in 1988 discussing with Dick Dusseldorp in Tahiti – on his retirement from Lend Lease – future ventures; this ultimately lead to the formation of the Dusseldorp Skills Forum and Workskills Australia.