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The search for value in Australian real estate

The Australian economy is one of the strongest in the world, representing 2.52 percent of the global economy, with close to 25 consecutive years of economic growth.

David Armstrong, 1926 – 2014

David Armstrong, affectionally known as DMA or Armo, was in an elite category of Australian intellectuals – a philosopher who developed an international reputation, perhaps the most considerable of any Australian philosopher.

Transport for Sydney

Sydney’s transport congestion is notorious. Whether it be a clogged M5, crowded trains, poor to non-existent public transport in most of western Sydney, and hopelessly congested traffic at airports, we’ve got it wrong.

A Minister for Sydney

It’s an idea that keeps crying for a receptive ear. Bandied around from time to time is whether NSW should have a Minister for Sydney. Twenty years ago we almost did. Bruce Baird was Minister for Sydney’s Olympic Bid 1990-93.

Burke’s Great Melody Against It | Book Review

Conservative MP Jesse Norman set out to write an introduction to the ideas, context, and continuing relevance of Edmund Burke (1729-1797), Whig iconoclast and fierce critic of the French Revolution.

Joseph Roth on the End of the World

In the past few decades the writings, novels and essays of Joseph Roth (1894-1939) have undergone a renaissance. Michael Hofmann’s translations have brought many of the more obscure works of the Mitteleuropa-Jewish writer to an English language audience.

Migrants Bring Vital Skills

The debate on immigration is at cross purposes. Australia should be proud of its skilled migration program. It should also champion the development, training and employment of its own people as an overarching priority. Both policies fit together. Any assertion otherwise, or muddying of the waters to the contrary, is wrong.

Structural Barriers to Skilled Migrants

There are estimated to be more than 214 million immigrants in the world. They make up about 3 per cent of the world’s population, a figure that has remained steady over the past few decades.

Living with Dragons, Australia confronts its Asia Destiny

Published by Allen & Unwin, 1994

Australia and Immigration : able to grow?

Published by Pluto Press in association with the Lloyd Ross Forum Labor Council of New South Wales, 1990